Children’s Oasis Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Texas, USA that is committed to providing community resources, education and training to children living with autism spectrum disorder and their families has partnered with HopeWorks Ghana, a youth development organization (Non-profits) that is committed to empowering disadvantaged youth to discover their dreams and aspirations and contribute to provision of youth employment.

In addition to directly impacting the lives of children with autism, Children’s Oasis Foundation and HopeWorks Ghana provide education to children living with autism spectrum disorder in Ghana. We also focus on empowering the youth, parents and professionals by promoting the understanding, acceptance and awareness of autism.

Children’s Oasis Foundation through the partnership directly supports the Twin City Special School located in Sekondi, in the Western Region of Ghana by providing resources, training and support to the students and teachers.

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